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Work smarter, not harder.

Property Managers have too much on their plate as it is.

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Show them you’re ahead of the competition.

And do so while saving your team time and headaches.

We give you an edge.

The best way to beat the competition is to think three steps ahead. There’s one thing that your competition probably hasn’t thought of—a smarter way to manage HVAC.

You pick the vendors.

Our pick-and-click bidding platform lets you pick your favorite HVAC vendors and click to send bid requests to them all at once. Our software automatically crafts the scope of work, collects your bids and transforms them into an easy to compare-and-choose proposal.

We do the hard stuff.

We photograph and inventory all of your HVAC units so you have a pre-loaded dashboard to view all of your assets online. To keep your units history fresh, we upload your service tickets, reach out to tenants to verify maintenance compliance, and track all replacements.

Got Tenants?

Ravti reaches out to your tenants to ensure they are properly maintaining your HVAC units. We then upload their history into Ravti so it becomes your history.

We also give you a full tenant compliance report each quarter. And for those tenants who don’t want to worry about HVAC? We enroll them in a maintenance program with the vendor of your choice.

Let's be honest, every deal requires the HVAC info before it is signed. Ravti gives you and your leasing teams this information to communicate better and close deals faster.

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