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Are you thinking of everything?

With margins growing thinner, the most successful owners are finding smarter, more creative ways to realize value. HVAC is a significant cost which directly impacts NOI, but is often managed with sheets of carbon copy paper.

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Tools refined to save time, money and migraines.

  • WE START ON YOUR ROOF.Everything starts with a full-scale HVAC inventory. Each piece of equipment is photographed and tagged with a QR code, allowing easy online access via our web or mobile app.
  • WE SHOW YOU WHERE YOU STACK UP.Each of your assets gets a private HVAC ranking, cross referenced with Ravti’s HVAC database (proudly the world’s largest organized HVAC database).
  • WE TRACK YOUR HISTORY.You now have a living, breathing inventory of all HVAC assets. Complete with each unit’s condition score as well as its estimated replacement value.
  • WE GET YOU BIG DISCOUNTS.Immediately realize 18% to 40% savings through direct procurement on capital replacements.
  • WE INCREASE TRANSPARENCY.All history, information, and data is kept in one spot automatically.
  • WE REPORT BACK TO YOU.Valuable quarterly and annual reports to take charge of Commercial Real Estate’s largest maintenance and repair expense.